Sustainable and accessible healthy living through tea!

We want to connect people and inspire them with our passion. We love nature and the environment around us. Our products are healthy and good for the human body. In our offer you will find only what we would like to buy ourselves - what we like and would choose for our loved ones.


Even though it is so common, many people are still unaware of its valuable properties. Tea contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, regulates the digestive system, eliminates fatigue, delays cell aging and supports the prevention of civilization diseases.


In order to guarantee the highest possible quality of the teas we offer, we adhere to a series of strict standards and we exercise personal supervision over the various stages of their production. We offer only what we like ourselves and consider worthy for you and your loved ones!

Social Responsibility

We work with a network of trusted suppliers who prioritize respect for the natural environment and provide decent working conditions to comprehensively improve the well-being of local communities in various regions of the world.

Connecting people

Drinking tea is a daily ritual for millions of people, regardless of their nationality, wealth and social status. We believe that it can be a factor connecting even the most distant cultures and nations. Tea soothes conflicts and fosters mutual understanding!



Long ago, during colonialism, when European countries were discovering new territories and the travellers we know today from our history lessons set off on their most famous expeditions, trade routes around the world developed widely. Previously unknown products began arriving to Europe, including herbs, spices and food.

Warships of the English Navy

Why “Mary Rose”?

The Mary Rose is one of the most famous and impressive warships of the English Navy of King Henry VIII. The inspiration for the name came from King Henry’s beloved sister, Mary Tudor, known as the Tudor Rose.

Passion, attention to every detail and with your health in mind


The Mary Rose brand was created out of a love for nature and healthy living. Our goal is to connect people and improve their quality of life by offering the best products available on the market.

The high quality of our products is confirmed by a wide range of satisfied customers. Read their opinions about our brand!

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I really appreciate products from brands that have a philosophy that is not just about their own profits, but also about the weal of their customers, society and the world around them. This is exactly what Mary Rose products are.
I didn't expect that adding flowers to ordinary green tea could make such a difference. They are not only pleasing to the eye, but they enhance the flavour of any infusion. Now no tea is "ordinary"!
Mary Rose teas are the best under the sun! I love black tea, and drinking the "Magic Forest" blend takes me to a completely different world. I recommend it with all my heart!
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