Health in liquid form. Try Mary Rose’s honeys!

Health in liquid form. Try Mary Rose’s honeys!

Who doesn’t like sweetness? Although natural, unsweetened tea or coffee delights with its richness of taste, it is even more enjoyable to drink it in a sweet version. Instead of sugar, choose a healthier alternative – honey. Discover the newest category in our brand’s offer: delicious and healthy honeys.

Mary Rose – with your health in mind

The main products of our brand are infusions – top quality tea, freshly roasted coffee beans and dried edible flowers, which make delicious infusions on their own or can be an original, intriguing addition to the brew. Our brand’s mission is guided by one goal: we want to give you the best possible products, from reliable suppliers, good for you, your health and our environment. The perfect complement to the taste of delicious infusions is sweet and healthy honey. 

Honey – an invaluable gift from the bees

Honey is a true wonder of nature. It is created thanks to the hard, meticulous work of bees, who collect the precious nectar from the flowers growing in meadows, fields and forests. It is a true treasure trove of incredible flavour, vitamins and nutritional value. It was appreciated as far back as antiquity. According to legend, it was the Egyptian queen Cleopatra who owed her beauty to bathing in milk and honey. Cakes with honey are said to have been fed to crocodiles in ancient Egypt, which were surrounded by a special cult there. Honey, or liquid gold, was also sacrificed to the god of fertility. Real, natural honey is nature’s most precious gift, and it is worth including in daily diet.

Traditional, or maybe with fruit?

There are two types of honey in our offer. We have traditional honeys, created from the nectar of a variety of flowers, such as sunflower honey with an intense yellow colour, light, mild flavoured rapeseed honey or acacia honey with a liquid consistency. We also have something for lovers of fruity flavours – honeys with the addition of lyophilized fruits: strawberries, raspberries, bilberries and others. They can be not only an original sweetener for infusions, but also a delicious alternative to jams and preserves – an addition to sandwiches or oatmeal. Highly recommended!