News from Mary Rose – freshly roasted whole bean coffee, tea and edible flowers

News from Mary Rose – freshly roasted whole bean coffee, tea and edible flowers

Coffee is the most popular drink all over the world. Almost everyone drinks it. Bitter or sweet, black or with milk, in the morning or with a delicious cake – everyone drinks it the way they like it. Brazil is the world’s largest producer of coffee and we have recently added three new varieties of coffee to our offer originating from this country.

Mary Rose whole bean coffee – perfect in every way

Mogiana, Cerrado and Guaxupe are three coffees that have been added to the Mary Rose offer. Beans come from Brazil, from the regions of the same names. Coffee plants from which the coffee beans are extracted grow on intimate, local plantations in the Brazilian hills, at an altitude of around 1,000 metres above sea level. They are looked after by planters who know the land, the natural and weather conditions and the needs of the plants very well. They work tirelessly to ensure the finest coffee beans go into production.

Premiere coffee from Brasil

How is Mary Rose coffee produced?

After being harvested and carefully selected, the coffee cherries are dried – naturally, under the warm Brazilian sun. From the dried coffee cherries, green coffee beans are extracted and set on a long journey across the ocean. They arrive at a coffee roastery in the east of Poland, where they are taken care of by a master roaster whose job is to give the raw beans their perfect character – flavour, aroma and structure. Through trial and error, the roaster selects the ideal proportions of beans that go into a special machine, their roasting time and temperature. Each of these elements has a huge impact on the taste and aroma of the brew prepared from the roasted beans. Thanks to the small scale of production it is possible to be more precise at each stage, and this means that the product that finally ends up in the Mary Rose packaging is of the highest quality.

Mary Rose universal bean coffee. What is omniroast? 

Coffee can be drunk in a million ways. And there are many methods of brewing coffee – in a professional espresso machine, stovetop cafetiere, in a french press or aeropress, in a siphon, drip or chemex, with a kalita, Turkish-style coffee made with a pot, Vietnamese-style coffee made with a phin brewer… Each method means a different coffee experience. Different flavour and aroma, different density and texture. Not every coffee is suitable for every brewing method. If you want to approach the subject professionally, you need to remember the degree of roast – light, medium and dark, and then: City, New England, Cinnamon, Continental, Italian, French, Spanish. All these names can make your head hurt. Mary Rose coffee is the solution to this problem. It is roasted in an innovative degree of roasting – omniroast. This degree places somewhere between light and dark roasting. Coffee roasted to this degree is suitable for any brewing method – whether using professional equipment or alternative home brewing methods. It retains its outstanding flavour and aroma qualities. 

More news from Mary Rose

Coffees are not the only novelties in Mary Rose’s offer, although they are especially worth paying attention to. The packaging of high quality teas and edible flowers is also new. Aesthetic, colour-matched labels of the new packages look beautiful on the kitchen shelf. We recommend purchasing delicious teas from all over the world and excellent, aromatic dried edible flowers, which add variety to infusions and can be an unconventional addition to dishes and desserts.

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