Why “Mary Rose”?

Warships of the English Navy
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The Mary Rose is one of the most famous and impressive warships of the English Navy of King Henry VIII. The inspiration for the name came from King Henry’s beloved sister, Mary Tudor, known as the Tudor Rose. The rose was also a symbol of the Tudor dynasty. The ship was built in 1510 and was considered invincible at the time. Unfortunately, after 34 years of service, in 1545 the Mary Rose was sunk during a skirmish with French invaders. Along with the ship, 500 crew members drowned, of whom only about 35 survived. The wreck of the ship was excavated in the 1980s and is now located in the Mary Rose Museum in Portsmouth, UK. 


Examining the excavated remains of the ship, archaeologists discovered that its crew was quite cosmopolitan and multicultural. There were citizens from many countries. The Mary Rose was both their workplace and their home. Although the ship was built for war purposes and probably had nothing to do with trade, it was a symbol of the splendour of the time, the apple of King Henry’s eye, the epitome of high quality and panache. 


This is what our Mary Rose brand is all about, following the story of one of the English Navy’s most famous ships. Our brand was created in Poland and the products we offer are of the highest quality and very diverse – just like the crew of the Mary Rose used to be. Our aim is to unite people – regardless of their origin, views or character. Just as the Mary Rose used to unite the most diverse personalities, people who formed a community. We offer high quality edible flowers, imported from the furthest corners of the world and unique blends of green and black teas, such as: yunnan, assam, Pu-erh, sencha, rooibos and gunpowder.